Acuaponia, a sustainable challenge competition

¡Appreciated participants!

We are pleased to announce the finalists of “Acuaponia, a sustainable challenge competition”

Making the decision was not easy, due to the high level of all participating teams.

Here are the finalists:

  • Complejo Acuaponico GG Greensfood
  • Acuaponia, un reto sostenible JADECA
  • Acuaponia Las Trinitarias
  • Proverde
  • Acuaponia Zona Azul
  • Soluciones Nutricionales Sostenibles

We invite you next Thursday, November 21  at 4:00 p.m. to a meeting  at Impact Hub Caracas (Av Francisco de Miranda, crossing with second Av de los Palos Grandes, Torre Parque Avila, 17th floor) to discuss in detail the next steps and clarify any doubts.

Congratulations and welcome on board!


Are you an entrepreneur? Are you devoted? Are you creative?

Are you willing to share you knowledge?
What are you waiting for? Acuaponia is just what you are looking for!


Automercados Plazas in alliance with Impact Hub Caracas, welcomes you to participate in “Acuaponia, a sustainable challenge competition” which aims to present a project to develop a
System of Acuaponia (a technology that uses aquaculture and hydroponics) with the commitment
to develop quality products.

Plus, the winners will have the chance to implement their project and get access to investors.

Acuaponia Criteria

  • The project must comply with the following criteria:
    • It has to be a “Green project” (with low environmental impact when it comes to the type of
      energy it will require and their use of raw materials).
    • It must be sustainable and profitable.
    • Their products must provide important nutritional value.
  • The plan must be executed in the Metropolitan area of Caracas, and be installed upon an area of
    four hundred (400) square meters.
  • Project must be able to generate first harvest no later than 14 months since the beginning of
  • Initial capital to set up and begin operations may not exceed 25.000 USD.
  • Project needs to be well documented and replicable.
  • Species intended to be produced will be the choice of producers.
  • You should assume the product will be sell with a standard market price (and in volumes required
    by the supermarket chain).
  • Teams will be composed of (5) five individuals.

How to participate?

The application time has finished

Terms and Conditions

  • Results will be published in November 15th, 2019.
  • Only five teams will be selected.
  • The teams selected will count with an entire month (until December 13th, 2019) to improve and
    detail the project. And also, to prepare a Pitch about the business model.
    IMPORTANT: Those five selected teams will have the possibility of clarify their doubts on a meeting at Impact Hub Caracas.
  • The final result will be published on December 18th, 2019.

What are you waiting for? Join us on this innovative and green challenge


If you have any questions, write us an e-mail to