Comunica & Conecta
13 November 2019 - Ariakna Espinoza

Comunica & Conecta is a communication and public relations entrepreneurship specialized in creation and develop value proposal, generating clear and concrete messages and ideas, providing authentic content for any interlocutor with their audiences, growing business, entrepreneurs and SMEs, increasing their profitability and success, with a social and responsible approach.

Comunica & Conecta is an original proposal, which thinks and acts out of the box, with the focus on working coherent and balanced communication, between business profitability, reputation, image and credibility of brands and organizations.

In Comunica & Conecta we put ourselves in the shoes of the other, we listen the audience, we connect from the important, the authentic, the simple, that is our focus. We promote the messages and ideas that make a difference and leave their mark.

“There are no good relationships without good communication, so you have to know how to listen to be able to connect”