21 November 2019 - Ariakna Espinoza

We are a dedicated organization to prevent drug use in Venezuela, through spaces of artistic-
educational learning that positively affect the conduct and aim to sow human values.

For 10 years we work in the substance use prevention and addictive behaviors promoting life skills
and planting of values ​​as protection factor fundamental to the risks of addiction.
We participate in community spaces, school children and labor, with the purpose of positively
influence the behavior of children and young people, in terms of attitude and front intention to
harmful substances through learning spaces dynamic and participatory are given to know the
related basics with drug use and how to work the prevention of addictive behaviors for improve
the intervened environments and create a culture of narcotics prevention.

We have designed the “PREVENIDO PETARE” program to develop it in alliance with El Petare
Futbol Club and Pasión Petare, who lead a network football sports formed by more than 2,500
children, mostly in vulnerability condition in the area. Anchored in this organization, we create
learning spaces in the prevention of drug use, with focus on raising awareness, raising awareness
and warning about risks, and reinforcing key human values ​​to remain free liberty.

Our purpose is to train children and youth in conditions of vulnerability over risks and protective
factors against addictions; instructing them through didactic learning spaces, focused on
addressing and deepening the understanding of the subject, and encourage and reinforce human
values ​​to influence favorably in his attitude and intention towards don’t drug use.

* Children and young people from 5 to 23 years old
* 2,000 direct beneficiaries
* 8,000 indirect beneficiaries
*Habitants of the Sucre municipality, specifically from Petare, in poverty conditions and
* Soccer Practitioners, grouped at Petare Futbol Club schools, Pasión Petare and Fratelsa mainly.