We support your Development!

In the Impact Hub Caracas we care about the training, guidance and accompaniment of anyone who has an enterprise, project or idea and does not know how to materialize it or perhaps has some weakness in any of the processes. That is why we offer advice to entrepreneurs, our main objective being to support the development and resolution of problems that the enterprises may present at any given time. Additionally and as a complement, we develop training programs aimed at entrepreneurs with common needs.

What is a mentoring?

It is a relationship between an experienced / specialized counselor, and another less experienced and greedy person. The main attraction of the Mentoring consists in obtaining proven answers, valuable experience, practical lessons, strategic recommendations, support, advice and a constructive example.

We offer you

Mentorship 30
Price: 15$

Our fast mentoring with a duration of 30 min. in which we will help you with specific questions and pills that help you move forward in your venture. It may be non-face to face according to your preference.

Mentorship 90
Price: 35$

90 min mentoring in which, with the help of a mentor and his expertise we give you the necessary tools to guide you in the process of developing your venture.

Mentorship 270
Price: 85$

Our package of 3 Mentories equivalent to 270 min. You can choose three mentoring in different areas according to the needs of your venture and we will schedule three different sessions per requested area.

Price: Depends on type

We design, according to the needs of each venture, a mentoring plan, activity monitoring and final product to obtain a specific objective.

We will accompany you in the execution of the tasks proposed by the mentor in each session guaranteeing the desired success.

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