Sponsor a scholarship

If you wish to support social entrepreneurship (or with transforming impact) in Venezuela through Impact Hub Caracas, then you may do so by offering economic support to those outstanding entrepreneurs who are lacking resources, they get the opportunity to enjoy all of the advantages and benefits our entrepreneur environment and social innovation has to offer.

Through our scholarship programs you will give the opportunity to those entrepreneurs who look for economic support, make the most of co-working, favoring and encouraging the economics ideas they develop.

Give the opportunity to those entrepreneurs who can take advantage of the advantages only our community can offer. We want to make the space at Impact Hub Caracas as diverse as possible, a creative meeting point between borough and city, fomenting the co-creation of innovative solutions with social impact and/or environmental impact.

Write us at caracas@impacthub.net sharing your interest in sponsoring some of the participants in the Impact Hub Caracas Scholarship Program, and make your action benefit one or more entrepreneurs with the tools and unique resources, inspiration and the opportunity to collaborate awaiting them at Impact Hub.

Benefits to those who sponsor:

  • Certificate of gratitude from the Impact Hub Caracas.
  • Entry in the possible “Bank of Investment Makers” in which you will be presented as a priority in the possibility of investing in major projects originated in Impact Hub Caracas.
  • A profile or a logo with the company you represent in a section designed for it specifically in the Impact Hub Caracas website.
  • A discount in our meeting halls for a month.

Sponsor through the following steps:

  • Membership:

Our scholarships in this segment are offered in 3 month packets or in the 4 types of memberships offered. We invite you to choose freely one of the number of membership packets you wish to donate.

PACKET 1: “Membership HUB 25” (3 month permanence): Bs. 15.600 + I.V.A.
PACKET 2: “Membership HUB 50” (3 month permanence): Bs. 23.400 + I.V.A.
PACKET 3: “Membership HUB 100” (3 month permanence): Bs. 37.050 + I.V.A.
PACKET 4: “Membership HUB Ilimitado” (3 month permanence): Bs. 50.700 + I.V.A.

  • Mentoring:

In the case of mentoring, you can choose to donate any number of sessions you wish.

Un session: Bs. 10.400 + I.V.A.

We await your support!