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We are restructuring our Mentorship offers in the key areas for entrepreneurs.

What is a Mentorship?

It is a relationship between an experienced / specialized counselor, and another less experienced and avid person. Interaction with the interested supposes trust and respect. The main attraction of the Mentorship is to obtain proven answers, valuable experience, practical lessons, strategic recommendations, support, advice and a constructive example.

We offer you

Mentorship 30

Our fast Mentorship with a duration of 30 min. in which we will help you with specific questions and pills that help you to advance in your entrepreneurship. Assitance is not  mandatory according to your preference.

Mentorship 90

90 minutes mentorship, in which, with the help of a mentor and his or her expertise, we give you the necessary tools to guide you in the development process of your entrpeneurship.

Mentroship 270

Our package of 3 Mentories equivalent to 270 min. You can choose three mentoring in different areas according to the needs of your endeavor and we will schedule three different sessions per requested area.


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We will be with you in the execution of the tasks proposed by the mentor in each session guaranteeing the desired success.

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