Rebrand and Design Thinking


Duration: 2 days
Date: March 1st and 2nd of 2016
Client: E! Entertainment Television – NBCUniversal

«Design Thinking offers marketers and professionals in today’s marketing areas the ideal path to repeatedly create – and launch – innovative solutions to brand building challenges and customer experiences.»

Glen Drummond, Quarry’s Chief Innovation Officer, 2015 Customer Experience Strategies Summit

THNK is a creative leadership school based in Amsterdam that has a proprietary innovation process

The subsidiary of a media and entertainment company in Latin America, E !, faces the challenge of generating a strategic change in its brand with the aim of making it more inclusive and democratic, closer to the public, and more affordable.

  • Provide a meeting space for a group of collaborators of the company to «learn by doing» the tools and concepts used in the Design Thinking process, applied to the change of brand.
  • Address a creative process of designing a new tagline and outline a branding campaign proposal.
  • To make people aware of personal attitudes towards change and the adjustments they have to make to adapt and commit themselves to the expected results

We designed a two-day experiential workshop for 18 participants from various functional areas of the company in the facilities of the Impact Hub. The workshop was structured using the Creative Flow of THNK following its design phases (Sensing, Visioning, Prototyping and Scaling). During the workshop the participants worked in teams of three and applied different tools such as Empathy Map, User Portrait, Creative Question, User Prototype Test, Target Shooting, Idea Jackpot, Story-telling, improvisation theater, LEGO® Serious Play®, among others, for the design of your tagline and the branding proposal.