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Let´s celebrate Women´s Entrepreneurship Day with women who create positive impact.

Every November 19, the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs is celebrated after the United Nations (UN) assigned this date in 2014 to make women visible, contribute to their empowerment and put an end to the inequality of their representatives in the world. That´s why we want to invite you to Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED Women’s […]

The Fifth Edition of Technovation Girls Venezuela is here to empower young girls in technology entrepreneurship.

For the fifth consecutive year, Impact Hub Caracas, in partnership with Technovation, will run Technovation Girls Venezuela program. And our mission is to encourage girls between 15 and 18 years of age, from vulnerable communities in Caracas, in the field of technological entrepreneurship through the development of mobile applications aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals […]

Four national ventures will compete in the global Accelerate2030 program.

Caracas, September 6, 2021 – After four months of preparation at Impact Hub Caracas, Accelerate2030 Venezuela -a high-impact acceleration program for ventures framed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-, chose the candidates who will represent our country in the selection process in Geneva. From which the 10 international finalists will be designated to participate in […]

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Resilience Manifesto of the Impact Hub Caracas

1.  We do not panic.

2. We approach adversity and reality with optimism and hope.

3. We change our mentality from a model of scarcity to one of abundance.

4. We focus on what we can change and relatively control.

5. We use our talents and creativity to transform problems and needs into business opportunities and impact solutions.

6. We promote the values ​​of trust, collaboration, courage, empathy and solidarity.

7. We are a community and are never alone.

8. We believe we can create impact working together and taking collective action.

9. We cultivate the spirit of warriors and never of victims.

10. We always leave room for humor regardless of the circumstances.