Impact Hub Caracas, through its different business units, has designed a series of online services that will allow entrepreneurs, businessmen and leaders to continue with their projects by obtaining the necessary tools for its development.

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Do not waste any more time and get to know our catalog of online services because connected we make the world go around.

Impact Hub Caracas Online Services

Events Management

Virtual Meeting Rooms


Designed for up to 100 participants. They are a collaborative event, where everyone can share their screen, activate video and audio, and get to know other attendees.

Cost: From $8 per hour


Admits up to 500 participants. Host and designated panelists can share video, audio and screen. Webinars support view-only participants who can interact through questions and answers, chat, and answering questions by voting. Host can reactivate audio of the attendees.

Cost: From $10 per hour

Additional services

Registration of participants


Recording of session so that there is a backup of the activity for you to share.


Price: $2,50 


Data Base


Final deliverable document (database) with the list of attendees, and the corresponding data.


Price: $5 


Virtual Assistant (charge on the hour)

Is in charge of maintaining contact with client, being aware of the activity, and the logistical elements involved.


Price: $4 per hour


Admission of participants

Create the event, share the access link with organizers and participants, admission of participants, facilitate access.


Price: $2,50


 Audience Management


Managing the day of the activity, answering questions, taking notes (deliverables) of the activity.


Price: $1,50 per hour 


Activity Design



Cost per hour for designing the activity according to client’s request.



Price: $10


Ice Breaker – Login


Planning and executing “Ice breaker” activity (1) for the login.


Price: $3




Planning and executing closing feedback activity (2) closing questions.


Price: $3


Virtual survey management


Creation and management of virtual surveys.


Price: $8 


Breakout rooms


Subgroups and/or work tables (only available for meetings). The fee is for each breakout room and facilitator.



Price: $15


Handling of dynamics


Management and handling of dynamics, guide of virtual work groups in every room.




Price: $5


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