Women Power Talks

Regardless of geographic location, women face similar challenges all over the world, and we believe that collaboration is key to overcoming them. That is why we created Women Power Talks. A series of conversations designed to share knowledge and experiences on topics such as: climate change, sustainability, food banks, sustainable fashion and tourism, circular economy, technology, artificial intelligence and digital marketing.

During these  seven meetings (1 every month), that will be moderated by our co-founder and director of Impact Hub Caracas, Claudia Valladares, we will address each of these topics with an expert leader from Venezuela and one from the U.S. Creating a meeting space, human and intimate, where we can share tools, advice, our failures and achievements.

Women Power Talks will connect Venezuelan women entrepreneurs like you with their peers in the United States. And will help them develop deep awareness in leadership and decision making. Laying the foundation for future exchanges between women entrepreneurs in Venezuela and the U.S.

Please, register for free in this fourth edition.


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FuckupNights Caracas

FuckupNights Caracas is an event where we show you that you can learn from your mistakes and failures.

In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, in front of a wonderful audience, a group of Fuckupers (speakers) share stories about their failures and how they turned them into experiences of success, especially in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Impact Jams, is a project created by Impact Hub Caracas and En El Tropyco. The initiative was born inspired in the concept of orange economy where we seek to materialize ideas into facts. It focuses in music, culture and innovation.

We believe art and culture are a perfect opportunity to experience growth and creation. That’s why we created this platform to discover and promote Venezuelan talent. We will take artists and their audiences through an experience of music and other tools to promote entrepreneurship. We wish to strengthen our country´s identity.


Impact Hub Caracas with the co-productions of events organized by Impact Hub Caracas in alliance with third parties seeks to promote the philosophy of our community: creating triple impact entrepreneurship: financial, social and environmental. And creating positive impact in our society with other people, organizations and institutions.


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