Escalando Impacto 2020


It is a program that aims to facilitate the acceleration and execution of 4 concrete, feasible and proven solutions with a possible growth plan to be implemented into a short term in the following categories defined by UNICEF:

      • Distance education for children in rural communities without connectivity.
      • Remote monitoring of the reception / use of health, education and hygiene supplies in hospitals and other health centers.
      • Community communication for behavior change and adoption of safety and hygiene measures.
      • Local design and production of health, hygiene and medical equipment supplies.

Solutions must be local to the effects of COVID-19 in Venezuela and must be in place with at least proven prototypes that can be scaled in a short period of time to amplify their impact.


The program consists of the following modules, which will support participants to plan their pilot project to be carried out in the locations or institutions determined by UNICEF.