Jóvenes que Impactan

Jóvenes que Impactan seeks to promote human rights and gender equality across 124 Venezuelan schools. The program covers issues such as women in the labour market, culture of peace, teenage pregnancy, and GBV towards women and LGBTI persons; providing participants with valuable tools to improve their decision-making process. 


Considering connectivity is non-existent or very limited in 70% of schools, a multidisciplinary group  develop a high-impact curriculum that can be delivered through a multi-modal approach. Experts in gender, human rights, innovation, and other fields will comprise this group, together with representatives from Impact Hub Caracas and Fe y Alegría. To achieve the implementation of the curriculum, the program guarantees internet connectivity in 66% of Fe y Alegría schools through the purchase of portable devices and the printing of content kits.

Jóvenes que Impactan is implemented in low-income communities across 18 Venezuelan states, covering 41,431 students between 12 and 18 years old (50% boys and 50% girls) – including 1,412 with disabilities.