Impact Girls

Impact Girls is an educational program specially designed by women for girls ages 10-15 from low-income communities. It seeks to prevent teenage pregnancy through education and experience of the value of life.


We believe that teenage pregnancy is an educational problem, a cultural and ideological paradigm that is passed down from generation to generation. Teenage pregnancy is not just a problem of lack of contraception and sex education. It is a cultural problem, generated by the absence of education and values, self-esteem, projects and future prospects.


This is why ImpactGirls offers a comprehensive approach to this problem:

-Informs, with the support of specialized doctors and psychologists, about everything related to sexuality, the body, its organs and functioning, the methods of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

-Help each girl to develop a “life project”, where they can dream and explore, through practical examples, what they want to be and do in life based on their talents, passions and specific needs of their social environment and contexts.