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Here at Impact Hub Caracas you will find allies, collaborators, partners, customers and friends who share similar interests. Our members are entrepreneurs, creatives, investors, independent professionals and mentors who work together, share ideas, connections and resources. You can use our space to co-work with other members.  You will be able to meet with other members and you’ll find support in our community. You will get access to reliable internet connection via Wi-Fi, coffee, tea, water, tables and places designed for you to create, connect and build your ideas.


Here at Impact Hub Caracas you will find allies, collaborators, partners, clients and friends who share a similar vision: trust, collaboration and courage to build a better society. At Impact Hub Caracas we promote the ideas of our members. We create spaces for people focused on entrepreneurship. Spaces to connect and build solutions for a better world. At Impact Hub Caracas we have a community of members with great ideas. Our spaces were designed for people like you. Here you will get inspired, connected, and you´ll be able to scale your idea, build solutions and projects for a better world. Make Impact Hub Caracas your home!

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We combined the best of the corporate world, an Innovation Lab, a business incubator and office space. How? With a special membership for corporations and businesses. So they have access to our space and can share the experience with their associates. Plus, they will also have access to our community of local and global entrepreneurs connected to 60 countries.

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