Meet Our Team

The Impact Hubs are served by a team that helps generate chance meetings by connecting its members, promoting collaboration, designing events, programs and supporting your work.

Impact Hub Caracas was founded by a team of dreamers who wanted to provide Venezuela with an ecosystem of social innovation to promote entrepreneurship and create positive impact on society. Our home is run by a multidisciplinary team of hosts and facilitators with skills in entrepreneurship, social impact, inclusive business, social responsibility, shared value creation, microfinance, mentoring, consulting, events production, communications, project management and finance.

Learn more about our team and founders below.

The Impact Hub Caracas team

Claudia Valladares

Director & Cofunder

Keyla Figueira

Strategic General Manager

María Alejandra Hernández

Educational Programs and Mentorships Manager

Aura Matheus

Communications Manager

Adriana Lopez

Events Manager

Daniela Errante

Administration and Services Manager

Pedro Valera

Communications Coordinator

Andrea Abdul

Jr. Coordinator of Educational Programs and Mentorships

María Fernanda Pacheco

General Assistant Jr.

Natalia Taricani

Administrative Assistant

José Cisneros

Event Assistant

Cesar Barone


Sarah Torres


Edgar Lopéz


Raúl Márquez