About us
  • We are a community of entrepreneurs that seeks to generate a positive impact in our society, to create a better, fairer, and sustainable world.
  • We belong to a global network of collaborative spaces, entrepreneurship communities and capacity-building programs that inspire, connect and enable impact.
  • We are more than 17,000 members with presence in more than 102 places, 60 countries and in every single continent. We are convinced that we can all generate a positive impact and we want to support those who have not yet discovered how to do it. 
  • We focus on inspiring, connecting and empowering all those who believe that entrepreneurship is a key factor of sustainable development for our country and the world.
Our Goal

We expect to build a community of entrepreneurs with local connections that will link up globally. We as well want to generate a measurable positive impact in Venezuela and the world, contributing to a better, fairer, and sustainable planet.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to generate a positive impact in our society and the world. For we want to inspire, connect and empower all those who believe that entrepreneurship is a factor of sustainable development.

Our Purpose

Generate positive impact on our society and the world, inspiring, connecting and enabling all those who believe in entrepreneurship as a factor of sustainable development.


We may have different approaches towards our works, but we all share an underlying set of values and positive intentions.

  • Confidence: Because we believe that a better world is possible, that grows thanks to the achievements and collaborations of creative, committed and compassionate individuals. It is these individuals who use their entrepreneurial talents to generate transformative changes in their environment. Here we trust each other to do what we say we will do. As we believe that ordinary people can achieve an extraordinary impact together.
  • Collaboration: Through supporting each other we approach reality’s adversities with optimism and hope. We do this to bring out the best in all of us, generating novel goals. Collaboration is the key to solving the problems of our time. We welcome diversity and partnership with like-minded organizations to make a significant difference.
  • Courage: Because we cultivate the spirit of warriors to face our projects under any adversity. For we have the courage to venture on these empty roads ourselves. In order to provide an impact to our futures, we must honor the past to be able to pioneer in creating new solutions.
Our Work
  • We merge the best of an innovation laboratory, a business incubator and an office, to create an unparalleled work, learning and creative environment. We offer a unique ecosystem in resources, inspiration and collaborative opportunities to increase the positive impact on society and the world.
  • We work as a catalyst to promote a positive impact and new socially oriented businesses in the world. We have many things in common with incubators and co-working spaces, as ThinkTanks, cafés and community centers do.
  • We offer an innovative international environment to promote entrepreneurship and boost its social impact. As well as serving as a connection to more than 102 cities in the world and a global community with more than 17,000 people inspired and united by a common vision.
  • We co-create courses, workshops, lectures, talks, events and our own programs. In alliance with third party groups, who generate value, building the capacities to share their knowledge, experiences and provide the tools to call for reflection and action.
What we offer?
  • We offer physical space to work and a collaborative environment conducive for ideas to be transformed into concrete projects, for enterprises to grow and scale, and with it their impact.
  • We offer the best possible combination between a social innovation laboratory, a business incubator, an accelerator, a community social business center and a cafe.
  • We put at your disposal a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaborative opportunities to make the positive impact of your work grow.
  • We offer memberships that adapt to the possibilities of each and specialized and personal mentoring to entrepreneurs.
  • We offer memberships that adapt to the possibilities of each one with specialized and personal mentoring to entrepreneurs.
  • We offer consultancies for those companies and institutions that believe in entrepreneurship, innovation and Design Thinking as tools to generate strategies and solutions to the challenges facing work teams and organizations.
  • We offer communication services in the area of ​​press, audiovisual, social networks, public relations, among others that serve as a springboard and positioning to entrepreneurs and / or corporations that require it.