Four national ventures will compete in the global Accelerate2030 program.
7 September 2021 - Pedro Valera

Caracas, September 6, 2021 – After four months of preparation at Impact Hub Caracas, Accelerate2030 Venezuela -a high-impact acceleration program for ventures framed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-, chose the candidates who will represent our country in the selection process in Geneva. From which the 10 international finalists will be designated to participate in the global phase of the program, starting with the Global Scaling Week in the coming weeks.

Apetoi, WeZenz, Eposak and YombaSuperFood are the projects that will move on to the second phase of this scaling program and that stood out among the seven that participated for their impact aligned with the SDGs, their business model, their scaling strategy and the skills of their team in the development of the venture.

This fourth edition of Accelerate2030 Venezuela sought to support solutions for any SDG, however, given the COVID-19 crisis and its economic impact, special emphasis was placed on solutions related to SDG 3 Health and Wellbeing, SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, in addition to projects with a focus on Circular Economy.

President and Co-Founder of Impact Hub Caracas, Claudia Valladares, made a special acknowledgement to those companies that explicitly or anonymously decided to support the program. “Thanks to the support of the United Nations Development Program in Venezuela (UNDP) and the sponsorship of Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios, EY Venezuela, Nestlé Venezuela, among others, we were able to execute the fourth edition and give our entrepreneurs the opportunity to represent us abroad and make a good name for our country”.

Valladares also highlighted the importance that the program offers to entrepreneurs in established companies. The expertise and support to shape their strategies, conquer international markets, work with key partners, work with consultants and locate experts.

Get to know some Venezuelan ventures that will attend Accelerate 2023.

Apetoi: Marketplace of technical services for home and office. In addition, they offer an e-learning module for the certification of professions. They are the easiest, fastest and safest way to get home and office professionals to help with day-to-day technical tasks. For professionals, they are the safest option to find new sources of income and quality education for their training.


WeZenz: Is the “World’s First Sustainable Tourism Multi-Platform”, which allows to guarantee, measure and compensate the environmental impact in every travel experience and travelers. Creating an opportunity to consciously choose destinations and services with intelligent, certified and guaranteed solutions.

Eposak: the name means “achievement” in the Kamarakota indigenous language. They are experiential project of sustainable tourism with impact. They promote and execute travels that foster the development of unique and rural communities, and derive in travel experiences (face-to-face or virtual) so that tourists get to know the impact generated by Eposak. With their flagship project Tourism Action since 2020, they developed Virtual Tourism and a local education program for tourism-dependent rural communities in Latin America, starting with Venezuela. In order to overcome the global pandemic crisis and reactivate their tourism activities, they offer digital experiences that connect tourists with amazing destinations and local leaders who are helping to change and shape these remote communities. This is not just virtual traveling, they are transformative experiences that connect emotionally and open up immense possibilities for travelers to reach a new dimension of sustainability and purpose.

YombaSuperFood: is an enterprise that produces, processes and markets organic food in Sacamanteca, Sucre, Venezuela. They are awaiting international organic certification under the parameters of the United States, the European Union, Canada and Japan. The vision was developed around the “Sustainable Development Goals”, United Nations (2018), focused on providing sustainable livelihoods to our employees and the communities near our production centre. As well as devoting our agricultural vocation to the cultivation of superfoods, which provide high nutritional level to consumers. We are committed to providing quality food, creating social impact, and raising agricultural awareness of environmental conservation, setting an example with our own operations. An important part of our crops are perennial plants, which promote the recovery of the ecosystem, reducing the concentration of CO2. They are plants that recover the soil, and since they are not treated with agrochemicals, they do not deteriorate the environment.

From now on, our teams continue their preparation and training process to go to Geneva and present their ventures to personalities, institutions and investors, as Agrocognitive did in 2019.