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TECHCAMP CSS 3rd edition

Outsourcing of
projects and services

Duration: 2 days
Date: June 22 and 23 of 2017
Client: Embassy of the United States of America

The TechCamps aim to promote economic growth, increase transparency, promote human rights and disseminate democratic values through the use of technology.

These events are sponsored by the Embassy of the United States of different countries. They seek to enhance the knowledge of social entrepreneurs, as well as the synergies between the participating organizations. Their challenge is to build a responsible digital society capable of generating networks to create positive changes in communities.

Know low-cost technological tools to generate greater sustainable impact in our society
Reflect on the most important challenges faced by entrepreneurs
Develop knowledge and skills to use low-cost tools.
Solve any challenge that entrepreneurs have in their organization

We invited 60 entrepreneurs from all over the country to the Impact Hub Caracas for a two-day day without cost to the participants. During the event, the selected entrepreneurs obtained knowledge about Augmented Reality, Call to action Videos, Digital Storytelling / Strategies in social networks and the Internet of Things. With the participation of national and international experts, the event had a practical Learning by doing format that allowed attendees to think about the most important challenges that they face in their day-to-day work, brainstorm and co-create solutions at the time.