5 January 2017 - Maria Hernandez

Finance expert.


Eddy helps entrepreneurs to make corporate finance something exciting and a real differentiator in their businesses. He is passionate about empowering leaders and teams by making sure they speak the financial language. And helps business owners to make decisions that increase cash flow, profitability and long-term value in their businesses.

Eddy is a graduate in Business Administration at Universidad Central de Venezuela. With a major in Currency and Financial Institutions in the same University. He has more than 25 years of experience in international consulting projects, in cost management, profitability & finance, sales and operations.

He is also a certified Facilitator in Advisory Sales in the People Buy People methodology from Neural Consultants. He is a member of the International Chamber of Entrepreneurs, CAINEM. And columnist in Dominican Republic’s magazine Factor de Éxito.

He has been a lecturer at universities in Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Curacao. He is very skilled in the Harvard case study methodology, the “learning by doing” approach, distance education systems and high-impact facilitation techniques.