5 January 2017 - Maria Hernandez

Finance expert.


Joaquín is a curious person, self-taught and passionate about research. Always looking for new things to learn. He is a graduate in Accounting at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), and later on obtained a degree in Business Management from Universidad Santa Maria. His desire to continue growing led him to be a researcher at the Institute of Economic and Social Research (IIES) of FACES; where he was part of the project: “The Caribbean Tribal Societies of Caracas, their Ancestral Culture” from 2003 to 2005. His passion for teaching would lead him to become a professor of methodology at Universidad Central de Venezuela.

He worked in the telecommunications industry, at CANTV (Venezuela telephone Company), and gained ten years of experience. Then, he worked in banking and finance for nine years. 

He was certified as a Leadership Trainer in the School of High Impact Leadership (ELAI), becoming General Director of this organization in 2018. He has always been committed to nurture emerging leaders in the country and in Latin America.