6 January 2017 - María Fernanda Pacheco

Technology and Business expert.


He is an Economist and Lawyer, specialized in Smart Cities & Urban Development. Bilingual in Spanish and English, he is a recognized expert in the use of modern technology and innovation to support the development of sustainable and intelligent cities in Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia and Venezuela. Commercial Director of Advantel and Co-founder of ViKua, an organization recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the 30 most promising companies in Latin America. They have developed and implemented technologies that have improved the quality of life and urban services in more than 20 cities in the region. ViKua and Advantel merged in August 2015, and are currently dedicated to the development of technological solutions for the construction of Smart Cities, Smart Businesses and Smart Infrastructure, with special emphasis on the areas of IT, Connectivity and Urban Services. They are pioneers in the implementation of local developments in the areas of Urban Traffic Control, Surface Transportation and Public Safety. They have offices in Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. Juan José was in charge of the team responsible for the first intelligent traffic management system in Venezuela, the APP model for the integrated TransBaruta and TransHatillo surface transport systems, and the design of the cloud system for the management of detainees and prisoners of the State from Guanajuato, Mexico, that was part of the “Escudo Project”. He is currently responsible for structuring the PPP models associated with the Smart City Oruro Initiative in Bolivia, the renewal of the Passenger Terminal of the Iribarren Municipality in Venezuela, the Integrated System of Tax Management of Salinas and the Vehicle Inspection System of Machala, in Ecuador. He is a member of the Council of the Global Agenda on Future of Cities, Co-author of the Top 10 Urban Innovations report published by the World Economic Forum, Member of the Advisory Council of the Initiative on the Future of Urban Services, Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum and Member of the Initiative of Emerging Entrepreneurs of the White House. He has been invited by the IDB to Demand Solutions as Top Influencer of the Region and to the China-LAC negotiation rounds organized by the Multilateral Investment Fund under the Connect Americas Program.