7 January 2017 - María Fernanda Pacheco

Accounting expert.


He has been Managing Director since 1995 of L.P.A Asesores Financieros, C.A. Company dedicated to provide outsourcing services in the areas of Finance, Taxes and Payroll in various companies. He is in charge of coordination and execution of financial and accounting policies, preparation and discussion of financial budgets, development of fiscal and exchange planning strategies, design of structures for investment protection, evaluation and design of fiscal structures. Juan also works in design of business plans and models, internal accounting and administrative control processes, execution of expenses budgets, investment and costs of their company and preparation of financial reports and budget of income and expenses. He is a member of the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VenAmCham). He worked at Piernavieja, Pérez, Porta, Cachafeiro & Asociados (Arthur Andersen & Co.) 1994 and at Pérez-Mena, Everts, Báez, Morales & Asociados (Ernst & Young International) 1989-1994 He has a degree in public accounting from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello 1986-1991.