29 June 2021 - Pedro Valera

Caracas- June 9, 2021.- Impact Hub Caracas -community that promotes entrepreneurship with triple impact: financial, social and environmental- in conjunction with the Impact Hub of the Latin American region carry out the program of incubation of entrepreneurship Impacto Latam, which aims to provide the necessary tools to all those entrepreneurs who are in the ideation stage of their businesses or in the initial phase.

Impact Latam is a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and opportunities for collaboration on a global scale to increase the positive impact of entrepreneurs. It consists of 8 modules in which topics such as “Problems and Solutions” will be dealt with, dictated by Claudia Valladares, president and co-founder of Impact Hub Caracas; “Business Models with Impact” by Mala Henriques, “From Exploration to Validation” by Federico Schnoller, “Project Sustainability” by César Sánchez, “Project Management” by Paula Guitierrez, “Finance with impact ”module by Patricia López,“ Team management ”by Denis Pavos and“ Communication strategies ”by Juan Artuso.

The program has an investment cost of $ 50 and is carried out online in order to offer the opportunity to participate to all entrepreneurs in any part of the region. If you want to know more visit the website