15 June 2020 - Administracion Pagos

Caracas, 15th june, 2020.- Four teams from the third cohort of Technovation Girls Venezuela represent our country in the semifinals of the global technology competition Technovation Girls. News was announced this Monday, June 15, 2020, by the organization through its web site

Finalistas Venezuela Technovation Girls Venezuela

Semifinalists: Official website Technovation Girls

After the first round of evaluation, these are the selected mobile applications that provide innovative solutions made under the scheme of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to problems detected in their communities:

Semifinalistas por Venezuela Technovation Girls

Team H2O, App Dpure

???? led by Sofia and Antonella Loera, and Camila Ranilla, they seek to promote ocean conservation through weekly challenges and activities.

Semifinalistas por Venezuela Technovation Girls

Team App Live Better

????? ?????? @live.betterve: Francys Michelena, Elibeth Yépez and Irianyeli Mendoza, whith their App of interactive games for children and teenagers teach them how to use resources such as water, electricity and also how to dispose of garbage in appropriate places, in order to educate responsible citizens to build a better world.

Semifinalistas por Venezuela Technovation Girls

Team App Termocion

????????ó? @termocion: it was designed by Brachy Pérez, Dhana Passo and Liliana Dugarte to bring knowledge about emotions and tools to manage them effectively in children, adolescents and adults, promoting mental health and well-being.

Semifinalistas por Venezuela Technovation Girls

Team App Zero trash

♻️???? ????? @zero_trash_2020: an App created by Oriana Cantillo and Astrid Peña to help communities in issues concerning waste management with the support of municipal services, to eliminate environmental pollution.

Claudia Valladares

Claudia Valladares, regional ambassador of Technovation Girls in Venezuela and president of Impact Hub Caracas

The regional ambassador of Technovation Girls in Venezuela and president of Impact Hub Caracas, Claudia Valladares, said “in the next few days we will know the finalists and regional winners, and we wish to continue to be a part of this. Now, these young girls continue to advance in the competition to be among the 10 finalist in the world or the 10 regional winners. All of this will be announced in July 7th”.

María Alejandra Hernández

María Alejandra Hernández, Coordinator of Technovation Girls Venezuela

The coordinator of this program, María Alejandra Hernández, highlighted the work done by the young girls, their teachers and the group of mentors – who voluntarily assisted the participants in this process. “Thank you for inspiring us with your passion and resilience. For continuing on this project until the end in spite of the circumstances. And for wanting to make a positive impact in your communities. You are already taking important steps to change the world, so please continue to develop your potential to turn your ideas into reality”.

3rd cohort Technovation Girls Venezuela

3rd cohort Technovation Girls Venezuela

For the third consecutive year, Impact Hub Caracas with the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Program in Venezuela (UNDP) and Total Oil and Gas Venezuela, among others, carried out this social program designed to train future entrepreneurs of vulnerable communities in the field of technology through the designing of mobile applications.