Cinco años, cinco Hub Alumni, cinco historias – EN
24 August 2019 - María Fernanda Pacheco

Caracas, June 13, 2019.- We reach our fifth anniversary and celebrate it by paying tribute to those Triple Impact entrepreneurs who were born, grew and developed in our spaces and are now on another level.

For those graduates of the Impact Hub Caracas goes this sense gift of the hand of our also Impact Hubbers of Epix, a micro history of their entrepreneurship and their experience in Impact Hub Caracas.

And as every celebration has surprises, we announce that with them our new Hub Alumni membership is born, which we grant to all those entrepreneurs who graduated from the Impact Hub Caracas.


Ana Cristina Vargas

Now is the right time

The Impact Hub Caracas is like a family. When you get there they adopt you a little, they guide you, they open your eyes to different perspectives, and all that helps you to gradually move towards what can be.

The confidence and momentum that the community gave me was key to moving from being “Ana the architect” to “Ana the social entrepreneur”. They made me think about the philosophy of the project and its possibilities of growth, beyond going to a place and teaching what I like without having a long-term sustainability plan.

I understood that we can not get carried away by difficulties, demand less or stay with the small. At least in my field of action, we find many opportunities to develop our educational process. And, above all, we realized that children continue to grow no matter how the country is; So the only opportunity to intervene a little in your life to help them build their future is today. That makes the Impact: it makes you imagine and transcend.


Daniela Dávila

Since I was little I looked for sincere friendships; that were not for interest or superficial, but that we really shared visions of how we want the world to be So I really appreciate that people show themselves as they are, and that authenticity is one of the most important things I found in the Impact Hub Caracas. Here I met Luis, my current partner, someone with whom I share fundamental values, so much, that I feel as if I have known him for a lifetime, and who I totally trust.

I came to Impact with my branding and design studio called Ikigai, a Japanese word that means reason for being, but it was here that I really got that reason to get up every day. In addition to my partner I met so many people with values ​​similar to mine; Here are people who believe in excellence and commitment, who are creating and who trust in themselves.


María Valentina González

Always yes
I am a Training Architect, which is a career that tends to have very individualistic processes. Then arriving at the Impact Hub Caracas made me realize that you don’t have to do it all alone. Beyond coworking, this is a space where you can get your ideas out of your head, put them on the table, be open for others to make contributions and be willing to reflect.

From the first time I answered a call from the Impact Hub Caracas, which was applied with Raids to the Tech Camp program, I began to question myself: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? final? And I think that’s the magic of this community, who asks and listens to you because he trusts you have something relevant to say.

My partners and I talk a lot about the Impact Hub to other people, and when there is a call and they ask us: “What do you think? Do they sign up? ”, Our answer is:“ Always, always: Yes ”. As long as you think you can participate, say yes. Because it is a new invitation to open your range of possibilities, review how you are growing and think what else you can do. In that process of growth the people of this place sometimes take you by the hand and other times they light your steps. I do not know if it was only with the enormous desire to walk that we had at the beginning, but without the questions of the Impact, today we would not be celebrating four years of journey.



Alberto White

Beat your own home run
I always wanted to take risks. That is why when I was twenty-five years old and I found myself working in a bank, in something that I really didn’t like, I decided to return to my country and start a path based on four pillars: courage, social impact, sustainability and Venezuela. That’s how I arrived at the Impact Hub Caracas, just with the idea of ​​what is a reality today: Cacay Pure.

During the growth of the company I went through all the memberships that the Hub was proposing for me at that time, until I obtained my fixed desk and office. It took me three years to win the first dollar; I went through very difficult moments of uncertainty. Throughout that process, this space always gave me strength.

I think that at some point in life everyone has to try to make a home run. It’s what I’m doing. And you will feel fear, stress, doubts, but if you are surrounded by people who are trying too, that inspires you, you find how to turn it around and move on.


Armando Goncalves

An explosion of good things
I am totally passionate in everything I do, even in the dumbest things. If I am going to cook or make a paper plane, there is an enthusiasm to do my best, optimize it and invent something new.

And that was the most valuable thing I found in the bubble of joy that is the Impact Hub Caracas: where there are many people who like me love what they do. People who, like every entrepreneur, are aware that we make many mistakes before getting it right, but who adapt to the changes and always provide a helping hand.

Living with other entrepreneurs and learning from them showed me how important it is to bring good people together; because apart they make an impact, but together they make a very powerful explosion.



Photographer: Susana León / Elizabeth Hernández (Armando Goncalves, photo 3)

Interviewer and writer: Saymary Silva.