5 January 2017 - Maria Hernandez

Ideation expert.


Iva is an Electronic Engineer with a Master’s in Mobile Communications. She also completed Postgraduate studies in Audiovisual Interactivity. She reinvented herself as a specialist in Innovation Strategies applying Design Thinking. She is an autodidact who loves to learn, and has lots of experience in Design Thinking, Innovation, Business Modelling and Service Design. She also gained a lot of experience in change processes, creative leadership, validation of ideas through prototypes and iteration processes.

Her work is her passion, so she decided to create the brand Dreamkers. They help companies in different areas in many countries to develop their innovation capabilities, their culture and skills. Helping their clients to solve real problems, to rethink how they can improve products, services and/or processes. Helping them to create more value that responds to the needs of their customers and new business models.

Her vast experience allows her to put together multidisciplinary teams to make things happen. Her enthusiasm will give you lots of energy.