7 January 2017 - Maria Hernandez

Marketing expert.


She is director and Co-Founder of Piña Colada Digital, a marketing agency that focus on digital strategies to help clients achieve their goals. She is passionate about creativity and possesses a strong inclination to collaborate in social projects. She currently manages the communications of three non-profit foundations with her agency. She earned a degree in Communications at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, in Caracas. And has more than thirteen years of experience as a creative writer. Was awarded at Festival de Jóvenes Creativos (ANDA), in Caracas. She has earned diplomas in creative writing and audiovisual script. And is also a photographer. She studied photography at Taller de Fotografía de Roberto Mata, in Caracas. Natasha has produced documentary projects, participated in different exhibitions and has built a wide portfolio of commercial photography.

She loves to meet new people and places, and her work in documentary photography allows her to do so. She was a dancer for many years, and is now taking a course to become a yoga instructor.

“I’d like to be the voice and eyes of positive stories that deserve to be told”, she says. You can follow her on social media @natylashly and contact her agency @pinacoleando.