9 January 2017 - Maria Hernandez

Business expert.


He is an independent international consultant with experience in project management, intellectual property, technology products protection and the development of better practices for transparency.  Víctor has developed efficient and useful services for Fortune 500 companies. His extensive experience as a legal professional and corporate advisor, has allowed him to help companies from different fields.

In technology, Víctor has provided professional services to prestigious companies such as Hewlett Packard, Apple, Samsung and Huawei.  For the pharmaceutical industry, he provided support in products protection for manufactures Pfizer, Sanofi and Bristol New York.

Víctor received training in project financial management and administration during his time at Inter-American Development Bank. As a project manager, he has been a counterpart with Inter-American Development Bank in public financial sector modernization projects. And has also participated in the board of directors of international cooperation funds such as the Association of Caribbean States based in Trinidad & Tobago, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development based in Rome.

In 1991, Víctor started working as a legal advisor for the human rights organization NGO PROVEA, and was awarded a diploma in human rights from the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights in Costa Rica (1993). He has postgraduate studies at Universidad Metropolitana, where he was awarded diplomas in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (2003), and also a diploma in Hydrocarbons Law (2017).

Additionally, Víctor provides free support to Venezuelan entrepreneurs so they can consolidate and accelerate their projects. And he helps them strengthen essential foundations for their long-term sustainability and development.