1 January 2017 - Andrea Abdul

Aura is a graduate in Social Communication from Universidad Santa Maria, and majored in audiovisual media. She has about 15 years of experience in audiovisual media in Venezuela and abroad. She also has studies in organizational communication. 

She was news coordinator for Radio Caracas Radio until 2011. She also stood out as an executive producer for RCTV’s international press until its closing in 2012. Aura also worked for a year as an executive news producer at Ecuavisa, Ecuador. She currently works as collaborator for international media such as ATV of Peru.

She has worked in communications for different political campaigns in Venezuela. And in the coverage of different news events for national and international media.

From 2013 to 2017, she stood out working as audiovisual communication manager at the Mayor’s Office in Chacao. During the same period, she was also director of communications and institutional relations for Policía de Chacao (Police Department). And was communications director at the Mayor’s Office in El Hatillo for some time.  

Since January 2018, she has been communications manager at Impact Hub Caracas.

Aura Matheus can offer you support and assistance in mentoring related to corporate communications, advertising, public relations and media positioning. Also, she is a seasoned consultant in communication strategies in traditional and digital media.